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About Us

Our founder/creator Alecia Sanfilippo, worked in retail management for 8 years. After having years of experience and not being able to find styles of clothing that she loved, she decided to go out and find different styles that were not available in the main stream stores. Now we are able to share those styles with you!

Adorn Apparel is all about helping women to feel beautiful, appreciated and powerful in their own environment. 

1. Make more attractive 
2. Be beautiful to look at 
3. Put on power or authority

We strive to empower women and help them to feel better in every way possible. We are partnering with  different ministries and organizations each month to help women involved in sex slave trafficking and women who are less fortunate. Thank you for helping us in this mission! Right now we are giving 10% of all of our profit to various projects. Please see link on our home page for more detailed information on where we are donating. We are also committed to showing our customers real life images, we do not photoshop our models or clothing in any way so that we can provide our customers with a true image of our items. 

We were created in February of 2015. Our showroom is located in the sunny Jacksonville Florida. You can make an appointment to visit the showroom and shop by emailing us at SHOP@ADORNAPPAREL.US . We strive to always keep our customers happy and feeling good as well as glorifying God with everything we do!

Thank you for shopping with us!