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Fashion Trends to Walk Away from in 2017!

Fashion Trends to Walk Away from in 2017!

We've compiled a few of the worst trends from 2016, we cannot wait to not see these ever again! We hope you will join us in throwing these items out of our closets!

1. Denim leggings..
We are not talking about jeggings, but specifically denim leggings that have an elastic waist band, no pockets and a horrible shape! These collect the worst parts of denim and leggings and mash them together to make one awful fashion trend!
   (Picture: courtesy of Denmology)
2. Slips over t-shirts..
We are not sure where this came from or who decided it look good, but we are definitely excited for this trend to end!
(Picture: courtesy of
3. Furry Slippers..
How did this become something you wear out of the house? We are all about cute comfy slippers with or without fur as long as your in your own home! 
(Picture: courtesy of Gucci)
These are our top 3 trends to end in 2017! We adore you no matter what trends you choose to adorn! We just wanted to have some fun and give our opinion on our least favorite trends from 2016! Comment below and share with us your least favorite! Stay tuned for our top fashion trends for 2017!
Until next time!
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