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Looking Cute = Great Workout ??

Looking Cute = Great Workout ??

A few years ago I would always tell my husband,

"If I had cute active wear (i.e. different options of new and matching leggings, tops, bras and shoes) then I would work out harder and be healthier and have abs!"

I mostly said this because I wanted to go shopping! I was reflecting on this recently and I decided to do a little research to see if this is actually true...

The good new is that it actually is true! (Yay!)

Now we can all go buy some new active wear items and we can live by the words, "If you look good you feel good." I know you all have to believe that! There is nothing like getting all dressed up and going out. That is one of my favorite things to do! But recently I have gotten really into my new work out regimen and now I feel the same way about putting on some cute, tight leggings with a matching bra and tank top, or when it actually is a little colder in Jacksonville a jacket to match as well!

Here are few items from our new activewear collection:


Researchers at the Northwestern University in Illinois, have found that by simply putting on exercise gear, you are more likely to get into the right frame of mind to start exercising, and it will make your workout more effective too. These researchers say that mental changes actually happen when you put on certain types of clothing. They call it “enclothed cognition,” a fancy way of saying that if you look good or at least look the part, you will perform better.

"If you feel good and look the part you will have more confidence."

How crazy is that? This is perfect for any newbies that may feel intimidated to join a gym or walk into a gym. If you feel good and look the part you will have more confidence to get into the gym and sign up! Also, if you are wearing tight/form fitting clothes you will be able to track your weight loss and muscle gain easier!

We just updated our active wear collection and would love for you to check it out! Let us know what you think with a comment below or a review on the item!

Until next time!
With love,

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